Sunday, February 07, 2016

Quitman County BOE Members
Quitman County Board of Education Board Members (left to right; Mr. Larry Wilborn, Mr. Jimmy Eleby, Mr. Billy Shirah Sr., Mr. Willie Anderson (Chairman), & Mr. Bobby Willis (V. Chairman)

The Board of Education of Quitman County School District is composed of five citizens representing the different zones in Quitman County.  As representatives of the people, board members are responsible for ensuring that school system operations are efficient, financially and legally sound, and focused on the best interest of Quitman County's children.

 Duties of the Board of Education:

• Keep the public informed on school issues

• Employ staff members upon recommendation of the superintendent;

• Approve budgets, financial reports and major expenditures;

• Provide funds for operation;

• Enact policies that guide the operation of the system; Adopt programs of study and evaluate program effectiveness;

• Establish and maintain a system of records and accounts;

• Plan for the expansion, improvement and financing of the capital building program; and

• Act as a tribunal at certain employee and student hearings.